Our Guarantee

Crane certification guarantee

Crane Operator Training School Guarantee

American Crane School guarantees anyone who takes our class that can read the English language and can demonstrate basic arithmetic skills (adding & subtracting) will pass the crane operator certification written tests or their next open enrollment class with us is FREE.

American Crane School conducts a 16-hour telescopic boom crane certification course that covers all the  information you need to pass the certification tests for both the fixed and swing telescopic boom cranes. We try to keep the lattice boom cranes separate so that the class time is spent on the specific material pertaining to the cranes that most crane operators in will be operating.

American Crane School understands that all the candidates who attend our crane operator training school are not full time crane operators, some have other professions such as plumbers, mechanics, linemen, and maintenance workers that only operate a crane from time to time. We have designed an intense and fun course complete with practical (hands on) testing that will get anyone from the novice to a full time crane operator through the crane operator certification written tests with ease in just 2.5 days. We have the reputation and the pass rates that prove it.


Private crane classes and practical tests are also available

Customers & Reviews


49th Parallel Group, Inc.

“Could not have been better prepared. Class would replace the book Crane operating for dummies” – Ken Scheckler

A & A Concrete Supply, Inc.
A & A Sign & Crane, Inc.
A & W Crane
A.C. Houston Lumber Company
A.W. Fowler Construction
A-1 Crane San Diego
AA Production Services, Inc.

“Course definitely harder than tests!” – P.T.

“Without course I wouldn’t’t have done well on test” – Dennis PridemoreAAA Crane Services

AAA Services

“Beyond expectations!!” – Danny Matranga

“I could not have passed this test without extreme difficulty had I not been through your test prep program” – Steve Horrell

“Pretty intense but very informative. I felt very anxious before the class, but after the first day, I felt very confident the actual test was easy after taking the classes” – Barry Knapp

ABB, Inc.
ABC Supply Co. Inc. – El Cajon
ABC Supply Co. Inc. – Gardena
ABC Supply Co. Inc. – Monrovia
ABC Supply Co. Inc. – Ontario
ABC Supply Co. Inc. – Santa Ana
Able Crane Service, Inc.
Advanced Boring and Microtunneling (ABM)
Aera Energy LLC

“Thanks John. I enjoyed your class and felt that I learned a lot. I feel confident that I’ll past the written test. The practical might be a different story! That’s not your job though” – Edward Murdock

AES Wind Generation
A.C. Houston Lumber Company

“I learned a lot in the class that I was able to use in the testing part and believe I passed my test” – Willie McGee

Affholder, Inc.
Air Condidtioning Design
Airstreams Maintenance Corp.
AIS Construction Co.
Akima Logistics Services
Alameda Power & Telecom
Alaska W.I.P.

“I think the class was very informative and very entertaining. It was a great class” – Brad Carr

A-Line Crane
All American Asphalt

“The class was fun and easy to understand. I feel it prepared me well” – Derrick Collie

“You guys did a great job of pounding info into my head. (In a comfortable way.) – Don Stratton

“I was prepared very well for the test” – Jason Jablowski

“Class was great fun. It helped me prepare a whole lot for the test” – Rodney McQueen

All Purpose Safety Training Solutions
All Terrain, Inc.
Alliance Roofing
Allied Crane Service
Almanor Dock Supply
Almanor Dock Supply
Alpine Steel, LLC
Amador Crane ServiceAmeron International
American Ironworks Manufacturing, Inc.
Ameron International
Ampac Fine Chemicals
Anderson Pacific Eng. Const., Inc.

“Great class, after 2 days of class I was confident I would pass” – Jesse Hutchinson

“As well as the coverage of the test material, the focus on the load charts helped me understand them in depth. I learned many items that are important to safe crane operation awareness” – Kent Edwards

Anderson Systems

“The class was very good. Lots of info, the instructors had lots of training info to pass on to the class and were very straight forward with info” – Greg Garcia

Anderson Pump Company, Inc.

“Course was excellent. Thanks to all!” – Charles Webster

“Great Instructor, great course, learned a lot” – Robert Parrish

“Excellent instructor. Easy class to learn with the information furnished. Great course set up” – Luciano Manzo

“The course form CCS is easy to learn. The instructors were great. Best class in the state” – Jason Ross

“The class was really easy to learn. A lot of work to do but that what gave you all tech information you needed for the test. The instructors gave you as much as you needed” – Kevin Allen

Andrew Systems, Inc.
Angle Concrete, LLC
Arborwell, Inc.
ASR Constructors, Inc.
Associated Pacific Constructors
Associated Ready Mix
Atlas Crane Service

“The class was a great help. I truly felt prepared for the test. Thanks for all the help!” – Colin Tinstman

“Thank you for a mind blowing time, your class rock’s., I learned a lot of new and valuable things over the last 3 days. P. S. Keep up all your hard work. Thanks a lot” – Tod Jones

“Whether your a seasoned veteran or being introduced to the fundamentals of crane operating for the first time you will leave with a much better perspective on the role of crane operators and the contributions we make to keep personnel on the job safe. Your curriculum was organized and very easy to absorb. Combine that with a practical exam and three days of your time and you have all you need to remain Cal-Os ha certified in a jiff! Thanks John” – Wes Wallace

Ava K Early
Ayala Boring, Inc.
AZ Crane

“Class was great. Quick and easy” – Albert Zamora


B & D ConstructionBAE Systems
B & W Precast Constructors
BAE Systems
Baldi Bros, Inc.
Barbour Well Surveying Corporation
Barlett Tree Experts
Bay Welders, Inc.

“Great preparation on class from teachers. All instructors were very helpful. I would recommend school to future operators” – George R.

BCI Communications Inc.
BE&K Construction Company
Bellis Steel Company, Inc.
Bentancourt Bros. Construction Inc.
Beryl Lockhart Enterprise

“I felt very confident. I think I was very well prepared by the teachers (Jared & Colby) of CCS class. Thank you” – Josue Sanchez

Berylwood Tree Farm
Best Drilling and Pump Inc.
Best Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.
Bishop Amusement Rides

“Informative and interesting, well prepared, very knowledgeable instructor” – Ernie Bishop

“Class was great, very well prepared, learned a great deal” – Jim Bishop

Black Rock City – DPW
Blue’s Roofing CompanyBoeing
Bob’s Towing
Boeing Company

“Excellent class, very helpful, couldn’t have passed without it. Thanks” – Eric Chambless

“First test I’ve taken and was 100% confident. Perfect. Thanks” – Mark Maynard

“Crane classes made me rethink how I do crane operations. Thanks!” – Dave Anders

Boeing Company, AK
Bold Image Sign & Crane
Bresnyan Carriers
Brickey Engineering Construction, Inc.
Bruce Olson Construction
Builders Choice, Inc.

“Our goal was to certify 8 operators in 4 month and with John’s help they passed with flying colors! 7 operators are bi-lingual and they scored high, thanks to California Crane School. You get what you need to pass these exams!” – Kathi Dixon

“Lo que esta mas amenas pero se aprende bastante como pava podey pasar lo stases te allude con lo que tu le preguntes esta muy bien” – Abel Alvarez

“La clase me parecio bien el maestro buna persona x explica bien” – Martin Alvarez

“Excellent, Helpful, Great teacher” – Arturo Andrade

“I think this course is a very good learning experience” – Carl Camesao

“I learned so much that even if I don’t pass I know a lot more than before, thanks to John” – Miguel Davila

“John and Rob did a great job preparing my drivers for the written test. It was well worth the time and money my company spent for them to attend Johns class. Thanks again from everyone at Builders Choice” – Jay Luzinski (Transportation Manager)

“I think that students get enough information to pass test and depends on how much effort you put on class and John is an excellent teacher” – Tulio Magania

Bunyon Bros Tree Service
Bureau of Reclamation


C. & C. Crane
Caithness Operating Company, LLC
Cal Sierra DevelopmentCalifornia Highway Patrol
Calgren Renewable Fuels
California Highway Patrol
California Portland Cement Co.
Calportland/Catalina Pacific Concrete
Caltech Employees
Canyon Crane ServiceCemex
Carl Kjer and Sons
Cemex, Inc.

“John, I want to thank you for all your time that you spent teaching us and a special thanks to Jarrod and Colby for the help they gave to me during the practical exam. I do need a letter from you stating my hours on Tuesday August 21 for the time I was out at the field. I got out at 8:15pm that evening. Thank you again” – Steve Smith

Centimark Corp.
Central Coast Water Authority
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Central Pipe Mechanical, Inc.
Chiller Services Rigging & Demo

“I think the money and time spent on this course was well spent. Instructors are over and above normal standards for this type of instruction” – Dan Ragan

Chowchilla Construction, Inc.
Chowchilla Construction, Inc.
Chowchilla Water District
Chowchilla Water District
Christian Refenfuss Masonry, Inc.
Christian Refenfuss Masonry, Inc.
City of Burbank
City of Burbank – Water and Power
City of Burlingame
City of Ceres
City of Culver City
City of Davis
City of Livermore

“The class/ is very straight forward. Information is given in good instructive format. Instructors are very ‘hands-on’ and informative on the actual questions that will be asked. Overall – Excellent class” – Kevin L.

“John does a great job of preparing students for the written tests. On test day the questions seem easier than the classroom review” – Brian Kenny

“Top notch class!” – Kevin Kolte

“Grade A Class!” – Brian Zumwalt

“I feel the class did a great Job of preparing me for the test. The class was excellent and I would recamend it to anyone who wants to pass their cert test the first time” – John Bagakis

City of Long Beach
City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation
City of Monterey – Harbormaster
City of Monterey – Street Division

“John had a very well prepared course. Comprehensive in every manner. Made the written test a breeze. Thanks for all your tips and help” – Anthony Groff

“This whole thing has been a blast, great job training, John went above and beyond teaching us” – Michael Gentry

“Very good class, John was a great teacher, took his time with us, made sure we knew everything before we took the test. Also he had great patience with us on the boom truck test” – Elmiro Goncalves

“John did a great job of teaching the ins and outs of cranes. I have operated derrick boom trucks a long time, but John taught me a lot more on load charts and tipping. Learned a lot from John” – Ronald Beitz

“Crane testing course was a good experience and informative, the instructor was fun to learn by, he made the class interesting and easy to learn from if you didn’t know something, like figuring out load charts. I liked the course and feel the course as taught should continue” – Jon Doubek

John Doubek

“No improvement necessary, excellent course and tester” – Rodger Rauch

City of Napa

“The class given by Jared and John was professionally done and way informative. They really prepared us for the testing” – S. Armstrong

“It was a good class. prepared me to do well on the test” – Rod Poyser

“Class was well taught and fast paced, very good format” – David Patrick

“Good class material, well taught, presented well, field tips were very helpful” – Jeffrey A. Taylor

“A lot of information. We were well prepared” – Sergio Martin

“Great Class. One of the best instructor methods of an course I have taken period!” – Kavin Lachapelle

City of Newport Beach
City of Oceanside
City of Palo Alto
City of Poway

“John did a great job teaching and covered all needed material. He made the written test easy” – Bruce (Helix)

“Great class, tons of info in two days, all absorbed” – Don Roth

City of Redwood City
City of Sacramento – Dpt. of Transport.
City of Sacramento – Tree Services
City of Sacramento DOGS-Mainten. Services
City of Sacramento DOU-Plant Services
City of Sacramento DOU-Water Distribution

“I like the extra practice on question & math. It makes you feel very confident about the test. I wish there was a way to practice the practical test just like the written” – Shad Bennett

City of Santa Rosa
Clyde G. Steagall, Inc.

“Class was outstanding. I will recommend it to everyone I know. John explained everything so that I could understand it” – Ron Steagall

Coast Machinery Movers
Code 3 Services
College of Instrument Technology
Collins Electrical Company Inc.

“Class was excellent as far as preparing me for the tests. Instructors were very effective at relaying information” – Shawn Shirley

“California Crane School was top notch test prep. A wealth of information and enjoyable” – Matthew Paine

Colusa Country One Stop
Combined Cutting Contractors, Inc.
Comet Electric, Inc.
Commercial Pump & Mechanical
Commercial Services, Inc.
Compu-Tech Lumber Products, Inc.
ConocoPhillips Company
Contra Costa County
Corey Delta
Coso Operating Company LLC

“The class was intense, but John went over everything well. He drilled everything into your head the best he could” – Jimmy Huerta

“This course over prepares you for the CCO test, there should be no one that can fail after the course John puts on” – Kevin Lyster

“This class went very well. The class addressed all the requirements of the written certifications without a lot of un-needed confusing technical bullshit. The instructor was informative and presented the material in ways that made it easy to remember. His attention to the individuals in the class was based on their need. He offered as much time to each as necessary to ensure they were proficient. And he was also pretty entertaining. This guy belongs on a stage” – David Lind

“Very intense. Pertinent information only. John kept the entire class involved, interested and focused. The very best I’ve ever been to. I retained information beyond my expectations. Excellent” – Steve McMurtrie

“John has formulated a class intense on the pertinent information needed to pass the California Crane Certification w/o any other garbage. His energetic style kept the entire class involved and focused and packed more information in my head than any other 2-day class I have taken. I wouldn’t hesitate to pony up the cash for this class over another” – Mike Stallard

“The class went very well. The instructor paid close attention to detail and made sure that the students were very well informed” – Stacy Sizemore

Country Classic Log & Timber Homes
County of Humboldt
County of Los Angeles, I.S.D.
County of Monterey
County Sanitation Districts of LA county
CR Briggs Corporation
CR TransferThe Crane Guys
Crainco, Inc.
Crane Guys
Crane Mills
Crane Rental Service, Inc.
Crane School, Inc.
Crosno Construction, Inc.
Crosstown Electrical & Data, Inc.
Crown Engineering & Construction

“This is a totally excellent course, no way to mess up. Awesom guys. Good job” – Terry Baxter

CST Environmental
Cunningham-Davis, LLC
CW Warren Framing, Inc.


D & D Crane Service
Dalton Trucking, Inc.

“The teaching of the class was very good and accurate” – Bill Moyer

Davey Large Tree Moving
DC Design and Construction
Department of Rehabilitation
Department of Veterans Affairs
Desert Crane Service, Inc.
DeYoung Power Systems, Inc.
Diamond Truss Inc.
Dicalite Minerals Corp.
Dixie Box & Crating/Dixie GroupDole
Dockside Machine & Ship Repair
Dole Foods

“The class is excellent it dose totally prepare you for the test if you can comprehend” – Cesar Sotelo

Doug Wilson Construction
Dura Crane
Durham Pump

“Thanks for putting up with me for the 2nd time. You guys are the best. Let’s see if I pass this time. Ha-Ha. Thanks again all of you” – Bill Petersen

“Thanks for making the class fun. John was a great instructor. The load charts were just a blast to do. HA HA. Thanks for everything” – William Peterson

“The class was very big help. John did a great job at brain washing us and making sure we understood everything” – Jeffery Thomas

“John is a very good instructor. I thought he covered all areas that would help to get us up to date on crane operations. Thanks for your knowledge and thanks to California Crane School!” – Kevin Taylor

“John, the class was very helpful in preparing for the crane certification exam. In two days I learned all of the necessary information needed to pass the test with ease” – Chris Curtin

Dutra Group

“John and his crew made understanding and retaining all of the information very easy, I feel that they did an excellent job!” – Garett Silva

DYK Inc.
Dyna Pump, Inc.


Eagle Peak Rock & Paving
Easy Street Crane
Eaton Drilling Co., Inc.
E.E. Electric, Inc.

“Great dialogue, great practice. Perfect applicable info. Instructor knows his stuff! Highly recommended” – D. Gresher

El Dorado Energy
El Dorado Truss Co., Inc.
El Toro Water District
Electro Construction Corp.
Eli Shivhon Crane Services, Inc.
Elijah Electric, Inc.
Ellis & Ellis Signs

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

“Class was very informative, was not boring. Really exciting, helped a lot taking test” – Tony Fiori

Energy Unlimited, Inc.
Enertech Environmental

“I found the class very informative and enjoyable. Presented in a professional manor. I would highly recommend anyone attend this course” – Carey Norton

“I think this was a very good class. I think the instructor is excellent. I thank you for you trine and your instructions” – Johnny Taylor

“This is the best class for information. The way it is taught helps you to remember information. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to pass” – Kenneth Mitchell

Erickson Building Components

“Great class, I learned a lot, and easily passed my CCO test” – Jason Ramsey

“After taking the class I was fully prepared for the test(s) and confident in my answers” – Gabriel Reece

“This is the best people. I was able to learn a lot in a short time I would recommend this school highly its been a good experience” – Mike Ramsey

Eureka Ready Mix
Evergreen Oil, Inc.
Evergreen Pulp

“The very best in instruction and learning” – Brian

“This class was awesome, the information persisted was clear and insightful. The instructors were very helpful at all times. There was always class participation, this made the class interesting” – David Gustnoug

“The crane training class was very helpful in the test. John and Matt were very professional and helpful” – Joe Buromini

“Great class, to the point, really pre paired us for the test” – Frank Nemetz

“You prepared us well!” – Chris


Fairfield – Suisun Sewer District
Fallbrook Public Utility District

“Your class was great, hardly any questions I didn’t all ready see on your test” – Steve Stone

Fallen Leaf Tree Service, Inc.
Farwest Safety, Inc.
Fintech Precast, Inc.
FMR Services, Inc.
Forman Construction
Fortuna Iron Corporation
Foss Maritime Company
Foster Wheeler Martinez
Four C’s Service
FPL Energy Operating Services, Inc.
Franklin Construction, Inc.
Freeway Electric


Gateway Pacific Contractors, Inc.

“For a long class, I didn’t feel like sleeping, instruction was top notch” – Karl Jarrett

Gavilan Crane & Rigging Svc.
General Truss Co., Inc.

“This class is the best! Awesome!” – Mel Marasco

Get Hooked Crane Service
Gilbeau Crane Service
Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District
Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.
GR Underground, Inc.
Grace Construction Co. Inc.
Granite Construction Company
Green Set, Inc.
Grossen Company
GSI Western, Inc.
Gumble Brothers, Inc.


Hackstedde, Mark
Haddick’s Towing, Inc.
Hansen Maintence Services, Inc.
Hanson Truss, Inc.

“Excellent prep for crane certification test, I was very confident when I went to test, test was easy” – Terry Poppert

Harris Salinas Rebar
Harrison, Michael
Harvey’s Trench Shoring, Inc.
HDD Company, Inc.
Helix Water District

“I thought class was great. Right to point no fluff. Great class” – Jeff Brown

“the class was very direct and to the point not a lot of wasted materia” – Richard Thompson

Herca Telecomm Services Inc.
Hidden Valley Pump Systems, Inc.
High Country Crane
High Desert Power Project, LLC
Hilltop Ranch, Inc.
Homewood Truss
Honu Homes

“All the hard work and preparation in class paid off at the exam” - Chas Nakaahiki

“Great Program! The only way I could have been better prepared was if I had a copy of the test!!” - Chad Nakaahiki

Hot Line Construction Inc. – Brentwood
Howard S Write

“Being that im not a crane operator, the class totally prepared me for the exams;especially the load charts” - Kelli Moulden

Howk Systems
Hugo Neu-Proler Company



“The course in an excellent preperation for this certification exam. The instructors are professional and very knowledgeable. I will reccomend this to ANYONE!” - Kevin Small

Imperial Irrigation District – Energy Dep
InfraSource Underground Services
Inland Concrete Ent. Inc.
Inland Valley Construction Company, Inc.
Inter-Mountain Truss & Girder, Inc.
Irvine Ranch Water District

“The course covered all of the materials on the test. We were well prepared for the exam” - Lance Ginest

“Great informative class, really helps prepare for test” - Colton Martin

“John, class was great, I like how you got straight to the stuff we needed to learn and not a bunch of crap. Your a good teacher” - Gustavo Orozco

“I, Mark Sarabia, the class + practical instruction was very good. I give it a 10 out of 10″ - Mark Sarabia

ITT Industries

“Excellent class, well taught. Very knowledgeable teachers. Stayed on track throughout” - Chad Bouchey

“Class was very informative. Class participation was good, keeps you awake” - M.A.


J & D Fabricating and Repair, Inc.
J.C.S. General Engineering, Inc.
J.D. Group, Inc.
J.R. Simplot Company
James H. Cowan Associates, Inc.
Jensen Precast – Fairfield
Jensen Precast – Fontana
Jensen Precast – Los Molinos
Jensen Precast – North Las Vegas
Jensen Precast – Orland
Jensen Precast – Sacramento
Jensen Precast – Sparks

“Class was fun and harder than the test. I was supprized at how much I could remember in such a short time” - Randy Rossman

JFL Electric
Jim Dobbas, Inc.
JMB Construction
John Prothero’s Construction
Judge Netting, Inc. AZ
Judge Netting, Inc. CA


K S Mechanical, Inc.
Kahoonei, Gary
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A
Kaweah Construction Company
Kay and Associates, Inc.
Keen Transport, Inc.
Kernen Construction

“Great class. They couldn’t make it any easier” - CurtKnott's Berry Farm

Knauf Insulation
Knott’s Berry Farm

“GREAT JOB! The power point was a good way to learn the information” - Nelson Stump

“Classroom work was great” - Tony Alfano

Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing

“After taking the crane course from Calif. Crane School I felt very prepared as I took the tests, the answers were easy to identify and made the test seem like a walk in the park” - John Buys

KRC Aggregate, Inc.


L.D. Strobel Co. Inc.
L.D. Strobel Co. Inc.
L-3 Communications Pulse Sciences
Laborers Training School
LA-Dept. of Parks & Recreation
Landsburg Enterprises
Lang Exploratory Drilling
Larranaga Construction. Inc.
Lassen County Road Dept
Laurence-Hovenier, Inc.

“The class was very good I learned very much and wanting to learn a lot more great teacher. The best part was the way information was presented without bullshit and stories from the past. What we needed to know and nothing else” - Travis Kyle

Leon Krous Drilling
Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
LNG Sign Service
Lock and Key Productions
Lodi Irrigation
Logan Crane Service

“Informative and clear. ‘No Brainier’ ” - Chris Logan

Long Beach Park, Recreation & Marine
Longfellow Lumber Co. Inc.

“I think anyone who takes this class is guaranteed to pass” - Frank M. Newton

Loomis Metal, Inc.
Lori & Company Inc.
Los Angeles County Agr. Com./Wts. & Meas.
Lustre Enterprises


M.A. Mortenson Company
M-3 Construction
M-3 Construction
Madison Industries
Madonna, Inc./Madonna Properties II, LLC
Madsen Roof Company, Inc.
Magco Drilling Inc.

“The preparation for the test made the test 90% easier than the test would have been” - Gary San Angelo

“The Pre-test class gives all the information you need and more. The instructors are very helpful and patient but too much math for me. Thanks for the knowledge. P. S. The class was way harder than the test. Thanks again” - Richard Barron

“Great class, great teacher, well organized. Thanks” - Isaac Hausman

“I thought the pre-course testing and preparation was extremely thorough with the questions being asked on the CCO test. I felt extremely prepared and confident with taking test” - Brian Hogson

Mahaffey Companies
Maintenance Turnaround Services
Mammoth Pacific, L.P.

“I enjoyed the class. It was well presented for the time” - Ray Brown

MarBorg Industries
Marketshare, Inc.
MarTech Mechanical Analysis/Repair, Inc.
Matrix Service, Inc.

Excellent preperation, good pace instructions. Hace exceptional knowledge and presentation skills. Thanks” - Darrell Palmer

McMurray & Sons
MDS Construction
Meek’s Lumber & Hardware
Merco, Inc.
Metro Builders & Engineers Group Ltd.
Meyer Brothers Roofing, Inc.
Mid-State Concrete Products

“Excellent class. Very intense” - Michael DeLeon

Mike Walker Lumber Co., Inc.
Miller’s Custom Work, Inc.
Mirant – Contra Costa Power Plant
Mirant – Pittsburg Power Plant
Modesto Irrigation District
Monterey County Public Works
Monterey Bay Aquarium

“Class setup made the test easy to take. Also, after being off a crane for many years, this class reviewed my past skills and I feel much more confident to jump back on” - Charles Schafer

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

“This class was very intense but cool. I recommend this class to everyone. Thanks John” - Louis Martinez

Moore Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Moss Lumber Co.
Mountain Pride Construction, Inc.
Mt. Lincoln Construction, Inc.


National Oilwell Varco
Neil Feerick Hauling
Nevada BKD Corp.

“I just got home from the class in Pasadena. What a time we had! Jared was very enthusiastic about heading the class, that makes learning a lot more fun than just sitting there and being spoken to. The class was so thorough and exact that during the test I could hear Jarad reading the question and answering it in my head. Every question on the test was covered to a ‘T’. In fact, I finished all 3 tests in one hour. That is 1/2 hour less than the given time for the first test. It was a great class to have attended. I will recommend this class to everyone I know, within my company and outside. I cannot emphasize enough how thorough and enjoyable Jared and Colby are as instructors. I wish them well in future classes” - Vance Hamilton

Nevada Irrigation District
Newtron, Inc.
Norris Steel Fabrication, Inc.

“California Crane School Training class was the best pre-test tool you can have” - Tom Nolan

“I really feel that the class was very well put on. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of cranes. Thanks you guys” - Ron

North American Substation Services
North Coast Fabricators
North Star Minerals, Inc.
North State Electric & Pump
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northstar Landcare, Inc.Northwest Lineman College
Northwest Lineman College
Nova Group/Tutor-Saliba, JV


O.C. Fleet Service / Orange Courier
Olson Precast Company
Omya California, Inc.

“See ya in 5, maybe. If the rules don’t change” - Jerry West

“Class was very good. I was well prepared for the tests. Not boring at all. Very interesting and I stayed interested” – Jim Warnock

Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3
Orange County Water District
Ormat Nevada Energy, Inc.

“I thought the whole class was one to the best trainings I have been to yet” – William Powell

“Test time total, all 3 – 50 min. When John or Matt say ‘probably’, ‘maybe’ or ‘think it might’, you need to pay attention. This two-day class was better then expected. John insures that you will pass the test. The ‘brainwashing’ technique was great. Class was done in a way you can understand and relate too. Will recommend anyone who can read English to take the test. Although, John needs to learn to iron his shirts. Thanks John in making this testing process enjoyable and practical” – Lenard Gomes

“After the class the written test was a piece of cake” – Chris Williams

“Excellent class, well brainwashed” – J. Emmany

“Just fine” – Shelby Singer

Outback Materials


P & F Metals
Pacific Continental Truss
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) – AntiochPacific Gas & Electric Company
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) – Concord
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Construction Div.
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Daly City
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Hayward
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Loomis
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Merced
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Newman
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Oakland
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Petaluma
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- Richmond
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E)- San Carlos

“Training with CCS was very throe with the information that was thought” - Fermin Munoz

“The class was really sold at repeating the most valuable information pertaining to the test. Also the instructor mentally prepares you for the test” - Mike

“The class was successful and the instructors were really helpful” – Toby Kavtz

“This class was very helpful in preparing me for the test, especially since I had no prior training” - Bill

“This class was so much better because our PG&E course all training for cranes should be done by this course. Class was fun and informative. Good class” - AR Mayls

“John & Matt did an excellent job of teaching our class, Their methods are great inflate your brain with information and hope it doesn’t completely deflate by test time!! Great teaching guys, don’t change a thing” – Jose Garcia

“Excellent course: A trained monkey could pass with their help” - Adam Bradley

“My thoughts on being prepared for the test are/is that I came in thinking I was going to fail and I’m leaving knowing that I passed. Its a must have in passing this test” - Sean Joy

“This class thoroughly prepared me for the certification test. The material and class ormat were easy to follow and adequately timed” – Alexis Lucas

“He’s a great teacher, makes it easy to learn. He keeps you interested” - Jesse Murphy

“John and his crew did an excellent job of teaching and preparing the class. I was confident to having al least 95% scores on tests. Great work” - Marcial

“The crane course was a lot of fun. The instructors were great and kept everyone involved which made everything a lot easier. I felt very confident during the test. Overall excellent!” – Raul Gutierrez

Pacific Oroville Power
Pacific Precast Corporation
Pacific Refrigeration Inc.
Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication, Inc.

“Class is perfect!” - Tom Fox

Pacific Supply Co.
Pacific Union College

“Awesome class, keep up the good work!” - Harold Mills

“Class was very informative, just the right amount of info. Not too much that you were over loaded but the right amount to make for good retention. I felt real good about taking the test” - Dale Withers

Padilla’s Welding & Construction
Padre Dam Municipal Water District

“Instructor will spend as much time as needed to help you fully understand all test question on the test. You will sit down and the text and breeze through most of the questions. Even with poor comprehension” - Donal Denniston

“Very educational” - Neil Sample

Pat Scott Masonry
Penny’s Concrete, Inc.
Performance Mechanical, Inc.
Petersendean Roofing & Sheet Metal
Petrelli Electric, Inc.
Philip West Industrial Services
Piedmont Lumber
Pipe Jacking Unlimited
Pipe Trades DC #36
Placer County Water Agency
Placerville Truss, Inc.
Pneumatic Conveying & Manufactuirng
Port of Long Beach
Porter Cal-Western
Porter Cal-Western
PowerWorks LLC
Precast Works, Inc.
Precision Builders
Premier Roofing, Inc.
Premier Steel, Inc.
Premier Technology, Inc.
Priebe, Ebenezer
Prime Power & Communicatrions, LLC
Pro-Cast Products, Inc.
Process Communications Developers
Production Framing Systems, Inc.

“Going in I didn’t know too much but now I have an idea of what’s going on. I feel pretty good about the test, I guess we’ll see how I do later redirection is key I think” - Scott Tyler

Professional Tree Care Company


Quality Reinforcing, Inc.


R & B Reinforcing Steel Corp.
R. Brown Construction Co., Inc.
Raffi’s Welding

“The class was the best class I ever been to. Much better then the different classes I have attended all over the world” - Raffi Hagopian

Rain For Rent

“Very informative, I was intimidated at the beginning. But most important, when I took the tests I recognized everything. I have never felt more prepared for a test, this class is as complete and informative as you can get” - Michael Kostic

Rancho California Water District

“Excellent preparation to take the exam, very effective material, and study preparation. Excellent in answering questions we had and giving visual aids to better understand the question” - David Holguin

“Thanks John and Matt for the excellent training for getting myself ready to take the test” - Michael

Ray Cammack Shows

“Their approach on teaching this class is second to none. Great job” - Benjamin Picket

“Very informative, very good, learned a lot, highly recommended” - Roger Leavitt

“Excellent” - Frank Kastl

“Very informative, relaxed environment, great instructors” - David Balsamico

“Very good, these guys were great, the patience and knowledge they shared was more than adequate, very helpful & interesting” - Chris Lopez

“Very good information, more than adequate material was went over” - Sam Riggs

“I would like to thank you for putting on your crane school course. I believe your schooling and handouts were very informative, and I believe the class gained lots of knowledge and information to help aid them in their written exams. You helped the class immensely on the practical exams. I do believe the whole program turned out excellent and hope we receive great results on the written and practical. I look forward to any business opportunities in the future with you” - Wane Winski

Ray Orr Concrete
Ray Toney & Associates
RCS, Inc.
Redding Crane Service
Reed International

“This class I believe will make you pass these test in a short time. Very knowledgeable” - Robby Howard

Reese’s Trucking (Rancho Cucamonga)

“This is the best class for any operator to attend. John and Matt are the greatest you ever want to meet. Very helpful and super cool” - Thaddeus Ellis

Reeve Trucking Co. Inc.

“Your course gave me all the information I need to know for the test without wasting time. Thanks” - Chris Bueno

“Class is very informational, helps with test very much. Just listen to the presented information, perhaps not what you think you know. And learn the information so you can pass the test and learn additional knowledge” - Ernesto

“Very well run program, covers all information you need to pass the test. If you don’t pass, means you didn’t listen to course” - Brian McCall

“The brain washing works!!!” - Vince Baca

“Do not come to this class with an attitude. Just listen to the instructor and get over it. I had a major problem, but got over it and listened and I made a 100% difference” - Bill Killingsworth

“There’s a lot of things I didn’t know that I learned in class. It’s been helpful” - Tony Meyer

“For just 2 days in a classroom, I have learned a lot, more than I thought. Thank you for having a great teaching format” - Robert Mattison

“Instructors had good support and good skills in repeating Q & A’s” - Mike Barragan

“This class will prepare every person that attends it for their testing. It was a great learning experience & they covered everything that was needed to pass. It was a fun but serious learning expierence” - Unknown

Reiman Corp.
Republic Electric
Republic ITS
Resource Development Company
Ridgetop Energy O&M (Terra-Gen Power)
Riggs, David
Ripon Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Robertson’s Ready Mix
Rockford Corporation – Rio Vista
Rockford Corporation-Yuba City
Roof Truss Supply, Inc.
Roofers Mart of Southern California
Roofing Supply Group, Inc.

“Intense workload, very informative” - Mark Trawick

“There was no surprises on the test and the questions were easier on the test. Thank you CCS” - James Bufford

Russell’s Crane Service, Inc.


Sacramento Municipal Utility District-DH
Sacramento Municipal Utility District-JG

“Very good class, good instructors” - Phil D.

Safe Crane Systems
Saint – Gobain Proppants
Salt River Construction Corp.
Samuel Torres Trucking
San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA)

“John, short time, lot’s of facts and math. Test easy. Pounding works” - Mark

San Diego Ship Repair
San Diego Workforce Partnership
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Santa Cruz Port District
Sara Services
SBIW, Inc.
Schroder & Son, Inc.
Scott River Pump & Irrigation
Scully Steel Construction, LLC
SCW Contracting Corporation
SDS Welding, LLC
Sea World of California
Sellen Construction
Senna Tree Company
Sensible Safety, Inc.
SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies, Inc.
Shell Los Angeles Rafinery
Shell Martinez Refinery
Shoring Engineers

“Thanks to John and Ted. This is the best class I’ve taken in 30 years. I really learned a lot and everything was to the point. Thanks” - Richard Alarcon

Siemens Energy and Automation
Sierra Pine LTD
Sierra Pre-Bilt, Inc.

“Thanks for us with 2 days of into. Do not think I would pass without it” - Robert Newkirk

Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc.
Simon’s Son Trucking
Simpson Timber Co.

“I thought that the test prep class did an excellent job on covering the material needed to pass the practical test” - Tim Hickey

“Excellent class. Great instructors. A pleasure to be in” - John Gregorio

“Good class!” - Paul C.

“This class was fun and I learned a lot from John, and better my skills in moving loads on the crane” - Ron Simpson

“John & Matt, Did a wonderful job of preparing us for the crane exam” - Dean Cherry

“Course prepared us for the test very well. Excellent job. Kept the class interesting and enjoyable as possible” - Steve Morris

“John & Matt did a great job of teaching us everything we needed to know, plus they were a lot of fun. Thanks a lot” - Shavb Sanchez

“I enjoyed this training course. The instructors were very good. They were fun to be involved with” - Harry Keily

“This class was very strong on education. I would highly recommend this class” - James Russell

“Excellent class. You guys made the testing process easy & enjoyable” - Ernie Gist

“What an excellent class why would anyone even think of taking the test without going thru this course” - Doug Puluer

“With John’s class safety was paramount. His Training used good videos and pictures to instruct safety concepts” - Paul Jorgensen

“John prepared me to take the test and taught alot of safety using power point& videos, he did an excellent job teaching” - Jason Gray

“In Johns class I learned the regulations and safety information that is pertinent to safely operate a crane in the state of California” - Joshua Kirby

“John was very professional and the class was very good. I felt there was no time wasted” - Eric Schwenk

“Very good class, safety orientated, overall a wonderful class” - Tim Ross

“Class was very tot he point, perfect preparation for the test” - Jack Mariani

“Good class!” - Rodney Ortiz

“John’s class taught me enough about crane safety and operational principals that the test seemed easy” Great Class!” - Brian Owuby

“Class was hard, test was easy” - M.P. Orick

“Very Intense class, was well prepared for test” - Ted Cushman

Slayden Construction, Inc.

“Great job! I learned a lot” - Tim Conley

Smith Crane and Rigging
Snows Oil Field Service

“Outstanding institution. Good one-on-one with class work and cranes” - Michael Mills

Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction, Inc.

“Great Class – If you can’t pass the tests after attending this class you are an idiot – Great Preperation” - Robert Wallace

Sonoma County Water Agency
South Tahoe Public Utility District

“Excellent! No bullshit course. It made the exams quite easy to take. Thanks very much for an excellent study session!” - Kyle Schrauben

“Good, helped with crane operations and made the tests seem easier. Drilled it into us” - Randy Curtis

“Very good class, came together better everyday” - Jay Alsbury

“Great class, good job” - Chris Moraida

“Great class, high speed works well. Thanks Guys” - L.J. Lynch III

“Learned a lot. Thank You” - Michael Maro

“John & Josh, Fantastic class… high energy. Thanks for all the knowledge & help” - John Maxhimer

“Very good class, just the facts to pass and it worked great!!” - Jon Bachelder

“Velice Zajímavé Poucne Outstanding!” - Pepi Dvorak

South West Marine, Inc.
Southbay Boat YardSouthern California Edison
Southern Cal. Underground Contr., Inc.
Southern California Edison Company
Southern California Edison-Peaker G. St.
Southwest Construction Co., Inc.
Spar Tree Forestry, Inc.
Specialty Construction, Inc.
Spiess Const. Co. Inc
Starcon International, Inc.
State Compensation Insurance/Green,Lasse
State Compensation Insurance/Kordecki,Dus
State Compensation Insurance/Swan,Wesley
Steiny and Company, Inc.
Steve Mannig Construction

“Good Job John, learned a lot” - Jon Norved

Steve Morris Logging & Contracting
Stevens Creek Quarry, Inc.
Stewart Engineering Inc.

“Differently simplified a difficult process” - Roger Ellicock

Stone Roofing Company, Inc.
Structural Materials Co.
Structural Shotcrete Systems, Inc.
Stueve Construction Co.
Superior Roofing
Syblon Reid General Contractors

“The class I took here at Calif. Crane with John & crew was well worth taking and I felt I learned more here then I could have else where. And was not only learning, it was fun and comftortable. Thanks” - Duane Craft


T.L. Fabrications L.P.
Taft Construction Co.

“Class was intense! Two day of classroom work pays off” - Darrell Charley

“This class was excellent and worth it. John did a great job teaching us. It was a tough 2 days but worth it. Thanks John” - Troy Begay

Tag Line Engines

“Companies! Forget the rest, come to the best!” - Alfred Ambriz

Tanco Engineering, Inc.
Teichert Precast & Bulk Transportation
Tenby Inc.
Terrazas Enterpises, LLC dba A-1 Welding
The Crane School, Inc.
The Hdd Company, Inc.
The Mahaffey Companies
Thomason Mechanical Corp.

“I thought the class was taught extremely well. Everything on the test was covered. NO PROBLEM” - Jon Randolf

Timec – Carson
TIMEC Constructors – Vallejo

“The two days in this class of California Crane School training and testing I’ve learned a lot. Before I got into this class I thought I know everything about the crane, but I did not. John Nypl (instructor) taught me a lot and widened my knowledge about the crane. I consider him an expert on cranes” - Uno Ayson

“The class was good with great instructors. Thanks” - Jim Guffey

“This was the best crane class I’ve taken. Thanks” - Art Jeffery

“I could not have done it without the instructors. John and Ian kept class interesting. Thanks” - Kevin Taylor

“This class made the examinations so easy I could have done this with my eyes closed. Outstanding Instructors. Thanks” - Damien Whitaker

“Great class, very informative” - Quentin Piper

“Very good class the teachers were great. I learned a lot. The company got their moneys worth” - Cliff W., Vic Cole

“Class was very good; teachers hit all the critical points and were very helpful. Fun class” - Steve Pear

“Thanks for the help. I know the 2 days of school is the only reason any of us had a chance to learn what we did and pass this course. Thanks again” - John Ballor

“Great class and great time!” - Tom M.

“Lots of good, useful information. Presented correctly. It was a good class and a big help” - S. Cenis

“The class was very useful for the tests. Everyone involved in the training was well prepared for any questions we had, very helpful. This class helped me with everything the test dished out” - Al Leite

TL Pavlich Construction, Inc.
TMG Transportation, Inc.
Torrent Resources
Traffic Solutions

“The class was great, all the info was easy to understand. You make everything easy for everyone” - Humberto Barron

Trost Jacking & Heavy Moving, Inc.
TTR Substations, Inc.
Tri Tool, Inc.

“This Class is very informative. An increasable amount of information packed into 2 days with all you need to know, in order to pass the CCO certification tests. THANKS” - Matt Smith

Turner Trans-Lift 1


UCI Construction, Inc.

“I feel that the class was very good, John was great and very helpful at all times” - James Flores

“You are being prepared for the test, but also learning the subject matter as you go. I’ve been operating for 20 years but might not have passed the written test without John’s class, with his class it was a breeze” - Dennis Halbasch

Underground Construction Co., Inc.
Unimin Corporation
Union Asphalt, Inc.
Unique Crane Services Inc.
United Pumping Service, Inc.

“Class was very informative and gave me information I never knew about” - Eduardo Perry III

United Rentals Trench Safety
Universal Forest Products, Inc.
Universal Plant Services – Concord
Universal Plant Services – Fairfield
University of California San Diego
US Pipelines & Logistics
USS-POSCO Industries

“Preparation was professional, friendly, and most informative. It was extensive + focused and enjoyable. Presentation was excellent and presters covered all that was involved and required for test” - Bert O’Donovan

Utility Vault


VA Tech
Valley Center Municipal Water District
Valley Crest Tree Company

“This class was one of the best class I have ever take. I would recommend this class any one who would like to learn this to take the class John and Robert were my and they were great. Thank guys” - Alberto Ortiz

“The class with CCS was fast but very educational. I learned a lot with John, John made taking the test easy” - Ernesto Ortiz

“John & Robert I appreciate all the information and help you guys gave me. All of this is a very good thing for our company and mainly me. Thank you guys” - Jess Ponce

“La clase estuvo exelente el problema fue la clase en ingles pero muchas cosas aprendi Gracias al istructor maestro. Gracias” - Salvador Garcia

“La Clase estuvo perfecta lo unico que estuvo mal fue solo el ingles” - Juan Jose

“Las clases estuvieron esxelentes. Muchas Gracias” - David Romero

“Muchas-Gracias. Porsu clases. Moicanteto” - Arturo Reynosa

“Minombe es Martin Arreguin. Yo estoy muy satisfecho con las clases aprendi bastante. El maestro se explico muy bien a prende muchas cosas que no sabia. Gracias” - Martin Arreguin

Valley Flood-Lite Service, Inc.
Vasilj, Inc.
Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

“Class was very well presented and covered all material needed to pass the test. Overall – very informative” - Carl Patterson

“I like to write in squares. Class was good. I learned a lot. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in operating a crane” - Chris Dyer

“I never thought that the repetitiveness would help, but damn if it didn’t work as advertised. Course work was relevant and well presented. I appreciate the work you do” - Larry Hanson

Ventura Crane, Inc.
Versatile Pipe & Pile Driving, LLC
Vietnam Veterans of San Diego
Villa Truss

“I think the class was very informative and right to the point the repetitive questions and answers make it all beat in to your memory in 2 days and you just go right through the test” - Jimmy Strokes

“I think class was good. Three good days learning more about boom cranes. Thanks John. I hope I don’t have to come back” - Roman Chavez

“John is a good instructor. Por learn ebritive we nideit” - Mortiu Villalon

“I think that this class was the best one that I have taken for a pre test” - Russ Duguid

Vulcan Steel Company

WThe Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company

“Good fast paced learning.  Not boring / best part. Made class feel at ‘ease’ to ask for help. Thanks” - Bill misloski

“Learned a lot, Thanks!” - Steve JenningsWaste Management

Warren E&P, Inc.
Waste Management
Water Ways Distribution
Waterproofing Associates
Watson Cogeneration Company
Waukesha Electric Systems

“Excellent course. Instructors were very knowledgeable and able to provide the proper information needed” - Spencer Setty

“I feel that the class was very good and information was clear. Instructor’s ‘drilling’ was very good” - Leo Espinoza

Wayne’s Roofing, Inc.
Wes’s Crane Service, Inc.
West Valley Construction Company, Inc.
Western Crane Service
Western General Construction
Western Roofing Service
Western Slope Livery
Western States Contracting, Inc.
Western Water ConstructorsWeyerhaeuser
WesTower Communications
Wheelabrator Shasta Energy Co. Inc.
Whillock Contracting, Inc.
Whitaker Contractors, Inc.

“This class was very easy to understand and comprehend. Very helpful information” - Chris Drake

Whitewater Maintenance Corporation
Williams Lumber, Inc.

“Informative. Good curriculum. Lots of info” - R. Goff

“Good. Lots of info” - J. Boyd

“Thanks for everything. I learned a lot. I’ll make sure to say hello to what’s-his-name over at Better Valley for ya” - Dan Tavares

“Need more Practical Test information. Received plenty of information on the written portion” - Nolan Harris

“This class was very intense, but cool. I recommend this class to everyone. Thanks John” - Louis Martinez

“Good class. Need to talk a little slower” - Shawn Taylor

“Class was good a lot of information was covered in a short time. Need more crane time” - John Richards

“The LLL Rule is the key to the load chart. This rule is greatly improved from Arch and Associates’ method. The number of load chart practice is a real strong point in your training. On the Practical Test – The coarse needs brighter circles on the ground and lights for night testing. I appreciate your direct-to-the-point teaching verses ‘Arch’ training, which was more laid-back and lengthy” - Clinton Binks

“Thanks John. I enjoyed your class and felt that I learned a lot. I feel confident that I’ll pass the written test. The Practical might be a different story! That’s not your job though. Thanks” - Ed Murdock

“Class was effective and no nonsense. John was a cool instructor. Students should be prepared for a crash course” - Tom Schofield

“The class was very helpful, without class I would have failed. John is a great instructor. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to pass the tests” - Jason Friend

Willingham Crane Service
Willis Construction Company, Inc.
Wilson Construction
Wilson ConstructionWright Brothers
Wilson’s Sanitary, Inc.
Wood Group Field Services, Inc.
Woodward Bros., Inc.
Wright Brothers


Xerxes Corporation